Creation of animation videos for advertising

The use of animated videos is one of the most popular and effective options for promoting a product, service or brand today. This is due to the fact that animated videos quickly grab attention and hold it throughout the video. At the same time, even a small timing can contain a fairly large amount of information about a product or service. For each advertising campaign, it is important to choose the most suitable video format: 2D, 3D. The great thing about traditional 2D graphics is that you can easily create expressive or even grotesque characters with it. 3D graphics are useful when realism and easily recognizable images are important.

Creation of animation videos for advertising

Animated videos have a number of advantages over cinema:

  • higher citations and wider audience;
  • easier to create a memorable character;
  • quickly show a product or service;
  • due to the low timing, the video can be shown to partners, friends or acquaintances.

With the help of 3D technologies, you can use any visual effects in your video, such as creeping line or pop-up text. This way of presenting the text is more informative and easier to remember. Another advantage is the unobtrusive presentation of information, which reduces the likelihood of text "filtering".

The video animation time can be any, from a few seconds to several minutes, and the cost of the video is determined per second. You can order the creation of a video of any length.

With high liquidity of the advertised product, it makes sense to announce its promotion only among potential customers or partners and order the production of a budget animation video. In this case, overpaying for a video with a complex plot and animation, as well as for a detailed study of the characters, is irrational.

If you decide to order an inexpensive animation video, the specialists of our company will complete all the work on time and in strict accordance with your wishes.

In other cases, when the competition in your business niche is high enough and you need to defend or gain positions, the best solution would be to order a business-class animation video.

The business-class animation video differs from the cheaper version by the ability to add additional characters or illustrations to it. This will help to more fully and in detail reveal the features and benefits of your product / service.

Another option is to order an animated video from the VIP anime category. This option is the most expensive, but it has its advantages when you need to advertise an expensive product aimed at a fairly narrow audience with a high income. A video of the VIP-anime category will help to gain the trust of your product from a discerning audience.

Unlike budget and business class commercials, the VIP anime category offers the ability to add multiple characters or illustrations. This makes it possible to reveal a large amount of information and present the product in the best possible way.

Artists will create a wide variety of quality illustrations, detailed characters and high quality backgrounds.

Important! VIP anime class animations are also suitable for TV commercials.

Animated videos guarantee the successful promotion of your product or service. We also guarantee that, regardless of the price category, all videos are made in the highest quality in strict accordance with the client's requirements.

To understand in more detail what the price of the animated video will be and what the final cost of the project will be, you can contact the specialists of our company and describe your vision and scenario of the video in as much detail as possible. The price will be influenced by such factors as the timing of the video, the number and detail of the characters, as well as the production technology of the video.

Creation of animation videos for advertising


In such a matter as the creation of an animated video, of course, one cannot do without a creative team, talent and inspiration. However, all ideas that come from the client, artists and animators must be embodied in specific forms for the video creation process to be as effective as possible.

Thus, the creation of an animation clip is carried out in several main stages:

  • the idea of the video is determined and its script is written;
  • characters are created, various variants of their movements are tested;
  • a video sequence is being prepared, as well as musical and sound accompaniment;
  • final assembly of all video elements.

Note that the video production process is influenced by the choice of its production technology. For example, in some cases, a combination of cinema and animation will be a winning option - in this way, you can depict the dialogue of a live actor with an animated character.

Creation of animation videos for advertising


The specialists of our company can create videos of a very different orientation, in different styles and using various production technologies. Therefore, before contacting us, we advise you to look at several finished works on the Internet so that you can more accurately determine which video you need.

In addition, we ask you to answer a few questions below, this can be done in any form:

  • What is the time frame for creating a project?
  • How long does the animation take?
  • If you have prepared a script, please send it to us. If there is no plot, answer the questions below:
  • What is the main purpose of the video and what kind of audience reaction should it evoke?
  • What is the purpose of using the video? For example, as a training or advertising video.
  • What should be presented in the video: product / company / brand / service?
  • What is the intended target audience for the video?
  • What are the benefits of your product / service? Where to focus your attention?
  • Write any special requests if you have any.

In order to place an order for the production of an animation video, you just need to call or leave a request on the website. After that, our specialist will contact you to clarify the details and we will start cooperation.

Creation of animation videos for advertising

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