Custom logo animation

Animated logos are one of the main design trends today. The use of animated logos has become widespread in mobile applications, on websites, in videos and other places where dynamic content can be placed. This is due to the relative simplicity of their creation and the multi-format nature of animated logos - SCC, GIF or SVG formats are used. In this article, we'll look at the benefits of animated logos and how they differ from their static counterparts.

What are animated logos for? Why are they popular?

The demand for animated logos is primarily due to their real practical value in business branding. The dynamic component makes such logos original and memorable.

Using animation in the logo allows the audience to focus on it. Typically, people don't pay too much attention to static logos that get lost in the flow of content. The moving logo grabs the audience's attention and allows you to quickly present your brand. This is one of the main reasons for the demand and effectiveness of animated logos.

Another advantageous difference between logos with animation is that they can be used to present much more information about a brand, product or its benefits compared to static images. Animation will help you create a mini story about a brand or clearly demonstrate the capabilities of a product or service. In particular, you can use visual animation "before and after using the product / service."

Another benefit of animated logos is that they go well with video and dynamic content such as presentations or promotional videos. Dynamic content is well indexed by search engines, which has a positive effect on the speed of promoting a product or service. Logos look equally good on both large monitors and mobile devices. Note that in this case, animated logos demonstrate greater efficiency compared to static images and text.

The use of an animated logo helps to improve brand awareness, as this presentation of information will be more original and vivid. Unusual things are quicker and easier to remember, so logo animations can help create a connection between a brand or company and its symbol faster. Note that characters such as the lion of Hollywood film studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer have become truly legendary, which proves the value of animation in logo design.

All of the above advantages of animated logos convincingly prove their high efficiency in recognizing and promoting brands and companies engaged in a wide variety of activities. Many well-known brands are now starting to use animated logos instead of traditional static ones, and young companies have used animation in branding from the beginning.

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