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You can place an order for the production of a cartoon right now, but before that we suggest that you read an article about what makes up the cost of animation work. First of all, we note that it is impossible to briefly outline the specific cost of this type of work, since it is determined on the basis of many factors. Fundamentally, there are two ways to calculate the cost: based on the time spent on work and a method that takes into account all the details of the work.

создание мультфильма

Calculating the time spent on animation work

Consider an example of one person working on a simple cartoon, working on a standard eight-hour day.

In one working day, on average, 60 minutes are spent on drawing one background, creating an animatic. The animatic is the rough movement of the characters. This process takes an average of 60-120 minutes for 1 second, color rendering for 24 frames takes about 3 hours. The final assembly of animation, background, substitution of music and soundtrack takes 1 hour.

Thus, in one day, one animator manages to make an average of 1 second. animated film. We can say that for an animated video with a duration of 30 seconds. it will take about 30 days. The cost of an animator can be very high. In this case, we do not take into account such important stages of work as writing a script, developing a general concept for a video, characters, storyboards, as well as writing music and editing a video. All these types of work also greatly affect the final cost of the project, so this method of calculation is approximate.

Detailed estimate of the cost of work

In order to determine the final price of the animated video as accurately as possible, we will take into account all aspects and stages of work.

Cartoon idea and goals

The idea of the cartoon is the main core around which all other stages are carried out. It is necessary to determine why you need a cartoon, what tasks it has, target audience, etc. The cost of this stage is extremely difficult to determine, since there are no objective criteria for evaluating this work. An idea can be generated for free or for a lot of money.

Why do you need an idea: to determine all further types of work.

идея мультфильма

Script development

This stage is very responsible, as it requires special skills. A primitive description of a character's actions is not a script. A staged script includes a description of many elements: a description of the frames, the character and appearance of the characters, the mood, sound effects, and much more. Thus, the staged script is the TOR for the animator. The cost of developing a script depends on its volume and, as a rule, ranges from 1,500 rubles per script sheet.

Why a staged script is needed: so that there is a visual understanding of the events taking place in the video along its entire length.

образец сценария мультфильма

Making heroes

Our cartoon characters, being animation actors, do not cost too much of the total cost of an animation video. The appearance of the character must show and describe him, which requires a creative approach from the artist. Often, artists need to show several versions of cartoon characters, which also leads to additional time costs. The price of characters from the detail of the drawing that match the description. As a rule, the price ranges from 2,000 rubles per character.

Why do you need characters: to convey the main idea of the video, these are the main actors of the cartoon.

создание персонажа мультфильмасоздание персонажа мультфильмасоздание персонажа мультфильма

Creating a storyboard

A storyboard is a draft rendering of a cartoon as a comic strip. The price of this type of work depends on the number of personnel and the level of its execution. At the same time, storyboarding is very important when working on a video, as it makes it possible to understand the main ideas and make corrections in time. Price of work from 150 rubles. per frame.

Storyboarding is necessary to have an idea of the plot of the cartoon and to make timely corrections.

создание раскадровки для мультфильмасоздание раскадровки мультфильма

Development of a draft animatic

The development of an animatic is a rough draft of the video and gives us an understanding of what and in what sequence will move in the frame. The animatic shows all the actions of the cartoon characters, the direction of the movement of cameras and other movements. If a fairly detailed animatic is required, it can represent a significant portion of the total project cost. If all the actions in the video are simple, you can do without the animatic, however, when creating the video, the animator needs it to build the work. The price of this type of work also depends on the volume, detail and duration; it is estimated on average from 100 rubles. in one second.

Why do you need an animatic: to recreate the movements occurring in the cartoon and the possibility of timely amendments.

Background creation

The backgrounds represent the backgrounds of the filming locations. How many is drawn depends on the scenario. Its cost directly depends on the complexity of drawing the background, so in the simplest cases the price will be insignificant, and in complex videos the cost can be comparable to the cost of animation. Backgrounds are usually a plan and a static image. However, backgrounds also include all dynamic extras, interacting and dynamic objects. In this case, the movements in the background are determined separately for all plans. The price of static backgrounds is on average 300 rubles.

What backgrounds are needed for: to create locations where all the actions take place.

создание фона для мультфильмасоздание фона для мультфильма

Color animation

This is the most important stage of work in the cartoon, which is carried out by the animator. The price of animation is significantly higher than the work of the artist performing the storyboard. This is due to the fact that the animator needs to draw pictures that are connected by dynamics, physics of objects and many other aspects. Due to this, the cost of animation starts from 1 thousand rubles and more for 1 second of the video.

Why clean animation is needed: This is the basis of the cartoon.

Writing music and sound effects

Today it is forbidden to use the music of third-party performers in cartoons without the consent of the authors, therefore, it is required to purchase a license for the right to use or use the author's music specially written for the video. Typically, the cost of composing music and sound effects is calculated separately from the price of animation. This stage includes not only writing music, but also sound effects, as well as voice acting and inserting the entire sound component into the video. Thus, the work is performed by the composer, musicians, actors and sound engineer. The price of such work is from 150 per second.

Why do you need a scale: so that the cartoon is not dumb, to create an atmosphere, as well as to sound the characters.


Editing is the final stage and consists of video editing and video mixing. This stage is necessary to complete the project, but it has little effect on the formation of the final cost. During editing, all video and audio fragments are joined and glued together, as well as effects are applied. The cost of editing is from 1,000 rubles per 1 minute of the video.

Why is editing necessary: to form a finished, completed cartoon.

So, we examined all types of work and their features, from which it is clear that it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question "What will be the cost of a cartoon in 1 minute?" The cost of high-quality animation will start at 90,000 rubles per minute.

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