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Congratulatory animation

Flash postcard is a small video in the format of a cartoon that has a soundtrack. Unlike a static picture, an animated postcard allows you to quickly convey a larger amount of information, which is more accessible and better perceived. All these factors make Flash cards an ideal solution for use in advertising campaigns. For example, they can be used to draw attention to special promotions or company offers. One of the most popular ways to send flash cards in this case is by email.

Flash cards are created with multimedia editors, of which Adobe Flash is the most popular today. This editor is different in that it makes it possible to combine complex design and program code. The postcard can be viewed using a flash player. You can also pack the postcard into an executable system file. In this case, the postcard can be burned onto a CD or DVD and sent by mail. This launch method does not require a flash player installed.

A separate type of postcards are interactive flash postcards that require certain actions from the user. For example, you may need to enter a name, prompt you to start an action, or choose a plot development. During the viewing process, such a postcard periodically asks you to select or click on something, depending on the content. If there are several variants of the plot, depending on the actions of the user, such a postcard can be viewed several times.

Among the various types of flash cards, corporate and greeting flash cards are traditionally most in demand. With the help of a flash greeting card, you can originally congratulate an employee, relative or friend on an anniversary, professional achievements, etc. A distinctive feature of such a postcard is the ability to create it individually for each client, which will make the congratulation truly memorable. You can add characters to the postcard - acquaintances, friends, co-worker, an individual setting and much more. Such cards are often used to congratulate bosses, relatives or friends. Usually, greeting cards are not meant to be viewed publicly.

With the help of corporate greeting cards, you can make memorable congratulations to employees or clients. As a rule, corporate cards are used to congratulate such holidays as New Year, March 8, February 23, etc. This type of postcard, in addition to the congratulatory text, usually contains the symbols and other attributes of the company. This allows not only to congratulate the client, but also to advertise the company.

On our site you can see examples of postcards created in our studio. We do not send ready-made postcards, but create individual flash cards that are unique for each client. When ordering a postcard from us, you get a guarantee that the final product will fully meet the stated requirements.

We design both static (.jpg, .gif) and dynamic (.gif) greeting cards that can be sent by mail to partners, clients or employees.

In addition, we create postcards with animation in HTML5 format (mini cartoon) that can be placed on the site. In this case, you can use the link to the page of the site with the postcard posted on it for mailing.

We carry out work on the creation of corporate cards for various holidays:

  • oilmen's day cards;
  • postcards for the day of metallurgist;
  • builder's day cards;
  • railway postcards;
  • postcards with the day of trade;
  • accountant's day cards;
  • postcards with the day of the Airborne Forces / Navy.

The cost of creating electronic greeting cards

  • Static postcard in .jpg or .gif format - ___ rubles;
  • Animated postcard in .gif format - ___ rubles;
  • An interactive postcard placed on the html page - the cost depends on the complexity of the script;
  • Postcard-illustration, developed by individual order - ___ rubles;
  • Special offer (4 cards for the price of 3) - ___ rubles.

This price includes 1 greeting card design option and the ability to make up to 3 adjustments.

In order to start developing a postcard, we need logo sources in .eps or .ai formats, the customer's wishes regarding the design of the postcard, as well as the organization's details. We carry out work on the basis of a service contract with 100% prepayment.

Note! Gifs are not displayed in Outlook 2007 and 2010 due to the technical nature of the application.

How to place an order to create an e-card?
To order for the production of greeting flash cards, you can contact us by sending an application from our website, by calling or writing an e-mail request.

Our managers will contact you and clarify all the details of the work, after which they will select the best

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