Animation infographics

The animation studio creates video infographics. If you need video infographics for a presentation, conference or other event, you can order it from our company. For a detailed consultation, you can contact our specialists by phone or e-mail.

Infographics are a visual way to present complex information in a simple and accessible way. For example, statistical or reporting data in the form of tables, graphs and charts.

Video infographics, being a separate type of infographics, is an animation clip with which you can visualize complex information.

Today, the use of infographics is widespread in various areas of business. Infographics are used by media companies, industrial enterprises, companies providing various services. With 2D graphics and 3D animation, you can effectively present video clips, training videos, training videos, corporate films, and more.

Animation infographics

Types of infographics

2D infographics
This type of animation is a graphic depicted on a plane in two-dimensional space. All video elements are animated, but not 3D. This type of infographic is ideal for visualizing scientific or statistical data: profit growth, sales, and more. If in 2D video you need to depict any objects, for example, a computer or a building, they are drawn schematically without precise details.

3D infographics
Three-dimensional infographics assume the presence of animated volumetric objects in three-dimensional space. This type of infographic looks more impressive than 2D images and allows you to present any statistical and reporting data in a quality manner.

3D visualization
The difference between 3D visualization and infographics is that it is performed in more detail. For example, if you want to depict a building, it will be made taking into account the material of the facade and doors. In this case, all parts of the building will be made three-dimensional. 3D visualization is ideal for presentations in the construction industry. So you can visualize houses, bridges, roads, various equipment, cars and more.

Character animation
In the videos, the main characters are characters who can be drawn in both 2D and 3D. Characters convey information to the audience, which is the purpose of the video.

Infographic cost
The price of creating an infographic can vary greatly as it depends on several factors. The cost of the work is influenced by the duration of the video, the script, the storyboard, the level of detail (when it comes to 3D visualization). Only after a detailed discussion of all the details of the video, we will be able to calculate the cost of creating an infographic.

Creation of a script and storyboards can also be performed by our specialists.

The type of graphics you want (2D or 3D) greatly influences the final cost. The cost of work on the production of infographics is from $ 700.

Animation infographics

Order Animated Video Infographic in US

To order infographics, you need to contact our company. You can order 2D infographics, 3D infographics, 3D visualization and animation of characters from us.
You can fill out a brief for creating an infographic and send it to us by email.

To place an order for infographics in our studio, contact us by e-mail or by phone, which is indicated on the website.

Benefits of video infographics

  • the ability to display a large amount of different information in a compact and accessible form;
  • the ability to use animation when displaying diagrams and graphs for greater clarity;
  • more memorable video infographics compared to static pictures;
  • the cost of making animated video infographics is lower than shooting a video with actors.

Animation infographics

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