Doodle video creation

Doodle video is a simple hand-drawn animation that can be used to effectively represent a product, service, or brand. Today, the use of doodle animation is widespread.


  • using doodle animation, you can increase the conversion of the site up to 44%;
  • the time spent by visitors on the site increases by 1.5 - 2 times;
  • viewers actively participate in the presentation of the product / service;
  • sales increase by 4.5 times is envisaged;
  • Thanks to the viral effect of doodle videos, new customers are effectively attracted.

Extensive experience in implementing doodle videos in advertising campaigns suggests that its use guarantees an increase in conversion and sales growth.

Doodle video creation

Doodle video SUITABLE FOR

  • online stores;
  • products and services;
  • training and consulting programs;
  • online services and SAAS services;
  • mobile applications.


After you have decided that you need a Doodle video to advertise your business, you can send us an application, and a specialist of our company will contact you at the specified coordinates: by e-mail or phone. We provide free professional advice to every client who decides to use Doodle video.

Doodle video creation


Defining the main task

At this stage, our specialists get to know your business, find out which ideas and video format best reflect the essence of the advertising campaign. We define the main tasks that the animation video must solve, after which it is possible, together with the customer, to generate ideas, think over the concept and plot of the video.

Scripting and storyboarding

After the concept of the video is determined, you need to write a script and make a storyboard, that is, a draft that will reflect the key points of the video. We send preliminary materials to the customer for approval. After the script is approved, you can proceed to work on the illustrations.

Create drawings

Each video is hand-drawn with unique characters. This work is performed by professional illustrators of our studio. Pictures will show every frame of the movie. We also send illustrations to the customer for approval.

Professional sound dubbing

If you need to voice over the text in the video, which is often the case, we record a professional voice-over. The customer can provide audio with his own voice or use the services of our company's announcers. In the first case, we will advise the client and help him record a truly professional voiceover.

Video animation

At this stage, the main work is carried out to turn the blanks and drawings into a full-fledged animation video. After all the animation is ready, music, sound effects and a voiceover are added to it. The finished Doodle video is sent to the customer for approval.

Video launch and promotion

When Doodle video is ready, we transfer it to the customer in Full HD quality, after which it can be posted on sites and YouTube channels. Our company's specialists can develop a video business promotion strategy and a video marketing strategy.

Sample videos for our clients

Our specialists have extensive experience in the production of doodle rollers for more than 50 lines of business. We make videos in different languages for different audiences and guarantee quick customer acquisition for your business.

Doodle video creation

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