Creation of animation of 3D visualization of any object


Today 3d visualization is a demanded service for companies engaged in a variety of activities. Due to its wide visualization capabilities, it can be used to implement advertising and work projects in design offices, construction and design companies. 3d visualization is ordered by both legal entities and individuals, not only for professional, but also for personal purposes. In our company, you can order 3d visualization.

3d visualization allows you to create high-quality volumetric images of interiors and exteriors, which is great for advertising and presentations aimed at attracting the maximum number of buyers or investors. Using this method, the most visual and accessible way of presenting information, architectural or design objects is achieved.


Studios that specialize in the creation of three-dimensional visualization are ready to offer customers various types of work:

high quality still pictures, as well as accurate and photorealistic images of objects, made with a high level of contrast;

3d panoramas with which you can provide the effect of being in a room or area. The image is spherical with a 360-degree view from one point;

3d tours are several combined 3d panoramic images, with the help of which you can visualize movement indoors or on the ground.

Visualization is performed in several sequential stages:

formation of a 3d model of the object;

selection of material for texturing an object;

work with shadows and lighting. At this stage, the necessary indicators of depth, brightness and sharpness of lighting are selected;

selection of a point that will be the starting point for observing the object;

rendering, that is, the actual rendering process. This stage includes detailing the animation settings and adding special effects;

final processing of materials using the editor.


Since the creation of 3d objects is a high-tech process, modern software and specialized tools are required for a high-quality result. Today, there are dozens of programs for working with visualization, however, as practice shows, applications such as 3D Max Studio, Maya, AutoCAD, Cinema 4D and ArchiCAD have remained among the most popular tools for creating 3d objects for many years.


The price of services for the creation of 3d visualization consists of several factors, such as the scale of the reproduced object and its complexity. The level of difficulty depends on the number and complexity of the elements in the image, as well as the degree of their elaboration. Thus, the more small details the object has, the higher the cost of services.

The scale of an object implies mathematical indicators of the area and size of the object: the area of the rendered interiors, the number of floors of a building or buildings in an architectural ensemble.

In addition to the main factors that directly affect the cost of visualization, there are a number of additional conditions:

terms of execution of works on visualization;

the presence of particularly complex graphics, which can be included in the project according to the client's requirements;

significant changes made by the customer to the project.


The terms of work performance given below are conditional and depend on the complexity and scale of visualization:

  • Visualization of architectural objects 3 - 14 days
  • Exterior rendering 3 - 14 days
  • Landscape visualization 5 - 14 days
  • Interior visualization from 3 days
  • Visualization of objects 1 - 7 days
  • Visualization of objects 1 - 7 days
  • Furniture visualization 1 - 5 days


Our company offers customers a wide range of 3d visualization services. For communication, you can use phones or email. To provide information on the cost and timing of work, use the relevant sections of our website.

For a more specific assessment of the timing and cost of services, we suggest visiting our office in Krasnoyarsk. Our specialists will conduct an expert assessment of the customer's materials, clarify the details of the work. All work begins immediately after the customer makes an advance payment.

We give a high quality guarantee for all services provided and the professional assistance of our specialists throughout the work. The final payment for the work by the customer is made after the work has been completed in full and all reasonable comments of the customer have been eliminated. In this case, a bilateral acceptance certificate is drawn up without fail.


Project evaluation
This stage includes the study of the materials provided by the customer, an assessment of the volume and complexity of the work, after which the specialists will provide a commercial offer, including the cost and timing of the work.

Project start
At this stage, the terms and cost of work are agreed upon, after which an act on the start of work is drawn up and signed, and the customer makes an advance payment.

Execution of works
The main stage of the project. During this stage, the customer is provided with sketches for approval and the main components of the project. Further, all sections are worked out in detail.

Closing a project
The project, completed in full, is transferred to the customer, after which the acceptance certificate is signed and the final payment is made.



Plans for the floor, ceiling, furniture and lighting are required, as well as a plan showing viewpoints and a sweep along the walls. We need a selection of the main finishing materials with examples and an indication of the places where they will be placed.

Images or photographs of similar interiors that suit the customer in terms of quality, presentation method and mood. This information is important, as it allows you to accurately understand the customer's vision of the finished project.

Images and photographs of interior items, furniture and various accessories with an indication of their dimensions.

In addition, sections may be required (in places with complex architecture), the customer's wishes regarding filling the interior with additional accessories (shelves, table setting, etc.), as well as photographs for the view from the windows.


Plans for all facades, floors and roofs are required, indicating viewpoints, as well as landscaping and, if necessary, a master plan.

A selection of finishing materials with examples and an indication of locations from the placement is also required.

Images and photographs that suit the customer, which is necessary for the project to match the client's vision as closely as possible.

In addition, you may need materials with a selection of objects of improvement, instructions for landscaping, a background photo, or a description of what should be in the background.

In areas with complex architecture, cuts may be required.

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